Horrible Rotten No Good Day

I’ve been holding off blogging something exciting because I didn’t wanna jinx myself but, I think I can do this.

My Jeep died. Kaput. Dead. I was sad. I was frustrated. It was the final blow in a hellish, nightmarish day. So…

The new addition to the family! It’s a Honda Element. There’s more pictures over in the galleries at CampinGuy.com.

In Addendum I should also note they’re great cars. They have a very high safety (crumple zones with a steel cage enclosing the passenger area) rating and use the i-Vtec engine (same as the Accord and CRV) for a proven track record of dependability, fuel efficiency, and power. And, hey, it’s got a ton of room inside! Rubber all-weather interior is nice too especially if you got a young ‘un.

Can’t wait to go camping and fold down all the seats to sleep inside it.

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