Won 3 purple hearts

This was found over and MeFi and is one of those things YOU MUST watch before you go spouting your political beliefs.

It takes balls to make it to the top

Each year thousands of hikers stand on Half Dome’s 13-acre summit. The park doesn’t keep official numbers but Snyder remembers one particularly crowded day. “On Memorial Day in 1972, more than 700 people went up. It was horrendous,” he said. [Monterey Herald]

Going into the Lingerie Biz

Dane’s either gone off the deep end or he’s found something really cool. He’s got a link on “how to make bra’s out of mens underwear”. I’d call him crazy but after looking at some of the pictures I totally see the “younger crowd” doing this. Personally I think it’s pretty cool. I ain’t even…

Fuji announces new slide film

Fuji announces releas of Fortia Slide Film[Photographyblog] From images posted on the website it looks like Fortia is more color saturated than the Velvia, one of my more favorite slide films. Wondering how it’s going to stack up to Sensia/Sensia II.

100 Million

100 million songs downloaded from Apple iTunes Kevin Britten of Hays, Kansas downloaded Somersault (Dangermouse remix) by Zero7; the 100 millionth song purchased from the iTunes music store. He will receive a 17-inch PowerBook, a 40GB iPod, and a gift certificate for 10,000 iTunes songs to create the ultimate music library for his new iPod….