Best Buy doesn’t like you

Best Buy is deciding to cut it’s losses and run, choosing “more profitable” shoppers over everyone else.

So much for the customer always being right.

Some retailers are deciding that the customer can be very, very wrong — as in unprofitable. And some, including Best Buy Co. Inc., are discriminating between profitable customers and shoppers they lose money on. [SFGate]

Alternatively they could try fixing what’s broken instead of breaking it more. Here’s some of the things I’ve noticed:

  1. Understaffed during peak hours
  2. Poor return system
  3. Poor overall customer service
  4. Consistent advertising of out-of-stock merchandise
  5. Ill prepared sales staff
  6. Poor management of staff on floor (playing tag in a store isn’t acceptable for employees neither is chatting with the boyfriend while customers wait)

You’d learn more by finding where people like to shop and then doing more to emulate them.