Catch 22

My phone hasn’t been infected, largely because it’s not a Nokia and there aren’t very many Bluetooth users in my area yet, but how do you suppose they’re going to come up with a virus removal tool to run on cell phones?

I mean, cell phones aren’t the ideal platform for big, bulky, process intensive, data heavy applications like Anti Virus software.

I’m sure there are programmers at Nokia and antirvirus companies world wide asking themselves the same question.

The only possible solution I could see would be running an application that sync’d to the phone from a computer. I think they’re going to fiind that most of the people with Bluetooth phones are Mac users, the first platform to build Bluetooth functionality into an operating system, and that most of us bought Bluetooth phones so we wouldn’t need to purchase cables to sync.

All I have to say to the guys at Nokia is “Good luck. You’ve got one hell of a puzzle on your hands.”