Mattt Howie (eveyone knows who HE is) over at A Whole Lotta Nothing ran a photocontest to give away Gmail accounts. Now, I’m gonna consider myself an unbiased observer because I don’t have, nor do I want or need (I have too many) a Gmail account.

Matt said: “Send me a URL to a favorite photo you’ve taken. I’ll pick the three best photos, link to them here, and send invites to the 3 winners.”

I don’t believe THIS, one of the winning entries, is a real photo. In fact, it appears to be blatantly photoshopped. The sun appears to be in front of a building. If the person hadn’t posted such a large image and I hadn’t been on my Mac I might not have noticed it. If the premise of Matt’s contest is that these be actual photos not digital compositions then this one doesn’t qualify. Sorry, Matt.

2 Replies to “Faked”

  1. i think its a big light. that is why it is called “false sunrise”. It certainly isn’t a photo of the sun.

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