Modesto the target of eco terrorist

Ahhhh crap. What the hell is this?

FBI Warns Cities of Possible Eco-Terrorism

OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) – The FBI has told law enforcement agencies across the country that radical environmentalists may stage protests, possibly violent ones, this weekend in support of a jailed arsonist.

The FBI bulletin said the Earth Liberation Front reportedly was planning a “day of action and solidarity” that could include acts of eco-terrorism, according to Tor Bjornstad, a police commander in Olympia, one of several cities named as possible targets.

Some of the others were Eugene; Ore.; San Francisco; Modesto, Calif.; Morgantown, W. Va.; Portland, Maine; Worcester, Mass.; Lake Worth, Fla.; and Lawrence, Kan., Bjornstad said. [Netscape with CNN]

Ok. So Modesto is listed as a target for eco-terrorist. I’d like to ask one thing, WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO ATTACK? THERE’S NOTHING HERE! TRUST ME!

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  1. eco terrorists Suck.

    as far as modesto goes….top 15 or so densly populated city in US, major agricultural center [gallo, blue diamond, et al]. And its so close to yosemite!

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