The Legality of War

Japanese Man Sues Over Iraq Kidnapping
A Japanese activist who was briefly held captive in Iraq (news – web sites) has sued his own government, saying its decision to send troops to the region angered his kidnappers and was to blame for his ordeal. [Y! News]

At first I thought it was all kinda lame and this guy was just after some quick bucks (which he might be) but then there’s also this:

“Mr. Watanabe said he knows from firsthand experience that Samawah is far from being a non-combat zone,” as the government claims, said Uchida.

The dispatch was fiercely debated at home, and similar lawsuits questioning the constitutionality of the troop dispatch have been filed at courts across the nation. Kyodo News agency said Watanabe’s was the 56th at Tokyo District Court alone.

If entering the war in Iraq even in a supporting role is illegal according to the post WWII Japanese constitution, are the Japanese people being misled into sending troops to Iraq?