I wouldn’t recommend sending me an email from VirginiaPreps at AOL or any other email provider. Since I’ve gotten over 85 virus laden emails from that address I’ve blocked it at the server level so they’re not even getting in the gate now.

When I came back from camping I had over 211 emails just from Friday night and Saturday. Over 180 of those were spam or contained viral content. 20 were spam comments to my weblogs. Yes, I said weblogs. They tried to spam but WordPresses impressive spam blockade held and only one comment got through.

If you’re counting that leaves a mere 11 emails of actual legit content. So, I’ve decided to start filtering at the server level and blocking emails before they get downloaded. Yup, I’ve got Spamnet running which is effective at removing them after they’ve been downloaded but it takes time to download and filter all those emails every morning.