Intelligent Thoughts on Iraq

You’ve gotta think that signing on as the new Iraqi President is a sentence for death. As bad as it may sound, realistcly there are too many factions vying for control of that little piece of desert any one of ’em only too happy to bump off whoever is in charge first chance they get.

The US Constitution works because the most of the people trying for public office aren’t looking to overthrow the government, only work within. (Notice I said most.) This isn’t the case in Iraq. There is so much mistrust between the groups that no one will ever be able to effectively run the country.

I guess this is where we look back at Saddam and say “Hitler did some good.” By being a dictator the asshole was effectively able to control the different factions, albeit by fear and murder, and stablize the region. I don’t believe we’ll ever be able to accomplish the same thing unless a strong leader steps forward.

But that’s just my opinion.