RAW vs. JPG: The Big Question

There’s a great article on Luminous-Landscape.com about the difference between the RAW and JPG digital photography formats.[via Photoblog]

This is a definite read if you’re thinking about buying or you already own a digital camera.

Before working with RAW files I’d always been a purist and chose to shoot JPG’s. NOW…having worked extensively with RAW files…I’ve got to admit that I’m wholely impressed.

1 Reply to “RAW vs. JPG: The Big Question”

  1. i’m glad you are enlightened now my friend.

    if you have had a chance to play with photoshop CS it has most of the cool RAW support built in that we saw in some of those cool filters at [mini]Seybold.

    friend http://www.angryf.com just got a nikon D70. beautiful. Shooting RAW fills up his flash card in a jiffy.

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