Iraq react to Berg Beheading

Reuters has captured a glimpse into the hearts of the Iraqi people in this very interesting article on the reaction to the beheading of Nick Berg by Al Qaeda operatives.

Issa al-Khalidi, a 65-year-old pensioner sitting in one of the oldest coffeehouses in Adhamiya, also condemned the killing but looked around nervously as he did.

“It’s a brutal, inhuman act. As Muslims our religion prohibits us from committing such acts,” he said.

“People with their own interpretations of Islam are coming to this country and killing left and right, and the Americans are just providing them with the pretext to do so.”

I think it’s pretty obvious the people of Iraq are being terrorized by the radical insurgents. But it seems there are other opinions.

“This is the price they have to pay for what they have done,” said 33-year-old Omar Khateb, a labourer.

“It was done according to Islamic Sharia, and the Americans should know that there is a price they will pay for the atrocities they commit.”

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  1. We cant show nude pictures of there people and they are beheading our civillians. but we are going to punish our soilders for showing nude pictures hell why dont we just behead them.
    it makes you wonder whose side our government officials are on. and I dont see any of these law makers over there fighting for our freedom. If it was one of them they would feel our pain.

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