Volume Logic

There was a great plugin for iTunes in this months MacWorld magazine, Volume Logic from Octiv.

I COULD tell you how cool it is but, why? See for yourself. There’s a 14 day demo that works equally well with both Windows and OSX. Should you decide you wanna keep it, it’s only $20.

The Volume Logic plugin boosts the gain and limits levels for optimized output much as a board op does at a radio station, constantly adjusting levels to get maximum output. It’s no wonder though, they make the software radio stations use.

You’ve gotta check this out. If you think you don’t need this then you’ve never heard it. Phenomenal.

They also have plugins available for WinAmp.

2 Replies to “Volume Logic”

  1. Sorry guys, my Bose speakers does a fantastic job. So you can imagine Volume Logic is pretty useless on my system. The Volume Logic is a bit cranky. It’s like going through immigration in a third world country. Can’t the developers make the demo less intrusive. 20 bucks for this. Sorry. Don’t think it’s very logical.

  2. Yeah, I agree with dream. Posted a similar comment on MacUpdate. Perhaps Volume Logic was designed for internal Apple speakers or cheap small speakers. Anything to enhance the music.

    Get a pair of Bose Mediamate speakers. It’s the best speakers I have ever owned and doesn’t come with a woofer either. The sound is just GREAT

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