There’s always a way

For those of you on Windows machines, Apple has an implementation of ZeroConf running in OSX called “Rendevouz”. With it you’re able to see other computers situated on the same network or within a localized area all without configuring a connection to each other. You just see them.

This is great for things like chatting (incorporated in Apple’s iChat software), or viewing personal websites on each others machines (found in Safari). You can also FTP files between machines using a program like Captain FTP.

The makers of Captain FTP have another program (free trial) available for Windows users which sets up a ZeroConf FTP system on a Windows machine.

Getting to the Point: Do you see what this means? People on college networks using laptops will be able to FTP files to each other through a direct connection out of the prying eyes of the RIAA (read Music Nazi’s). A direct connection that RIAA can’t: A) intercept B) Track down or C) Stop.

Extend arm. Raise middle finger.

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