Getting Down and Dirty

Working on a TOS (Terms of Service) for the comments of I’ve about had it with the comment spamming and figure this way I’ll atleast have a legal foot to stand on should I decide to pursue legal action against some of the more persistant individuals. Since I already have their IP addresses contacting their ISP is not out of the question either.

I’ve come to the conclusion this is the coarse of action to take because I spent an hour first thing this morning deleting and blocking more than 30 comments and 3 ip’s. Doing a WHOIS lookup brought up the same ISP each time.

I think it’s time we do more than just block these individuals, let’s fight back.

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  1. that is a great thing to do mr. da ilythin. I also do a similar problem for long distance calling for using a this special number that is now 1-800-555-1234.

    thanks to you for such great advice for my using!

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