Hardware Tech Support for Coffee Makers

I came to the conclusion last night that there is a misconception as to real nature of computers and I’m here to set it straight. To use an analogy, many people think of computers as old cars. You take an old car, dump a new motor in it, maybe changes the plugs and wires after a few years and it’s good to go. Computers, on the other hand, are more akin to electric coffee makers.

Let me explain. For the most part they work like they’re supposed to but, things happen. After a while the carafe might break so you go out and replace it. No problem. We’re a technologically advancing nation and after a while your style coffee maker has disappeared off store shelves and it’s no longer in production. If your carafe breaks now you can’t just go grab another one from a different style coffee maker. It may not fit, might be too large or too small or just not work at all. Same with computers. Technology is growing so quickly that many of the older systems aren’t compatible with all of todays newest hardware or devices.

If, however, you’d like to think of your computer as a car then that’s still ok. Just be aware that the body of the car is comparable to the case on the computer and new car bodies only cost $29 in our analogy.