Ping Ping

Still kinda curious as to why several peoples RSS feeds seem to update every few hours even though the content hasn’t changed. The end result is I end up reading the same article I read a few hours before. I have a hypothesis that it has something to do with the way their feed is rendering and that it is including comments in the feed. Logical. Except one of the feeds DOESN”T have comments with it. Fascinating.

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  1. Some blog software sends a ping even if you just correct a small typo and re-post a blog entry.

    Some sites send pings when comments are displayed on the front page and somebody posts a comment, because this changes the front page.

    Different RSS aggregators also respond differently to posts where only tiny corrections have been made: some go strictly by the posting date, others will alert you when only a single character changes in the text.

    No general rule here – but I too notice that some sites seem to ping without changing.

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