C’mon America, get with the program

Wake up America! This:

U.S. Marine Shot, Wounded in Haiti

A U.S. Marine was shot and wounded in the Haitian capital, the first American peacekeeping casualty since the ouster of the Caribbean nation’s president two weeks ago, Staff Sgt. Timothy Edwards told The Associated Press on Monday. [Yahoo! News]

is not new news. The truth is we’ve been in Haiti for years. We’ve had army “firebases” (a term used only in combat situations) there for a LONG, LONG time. My brother spent the better portion of a year at one such firebase. While he was there they were shot at, bombarded by rocks and bottles while on patrol and faced constant riots. Didn’t you notice no grand landing televised on the news like in Kuwait, Iraq or even Somalia? It’s because we were ALREADY THERE.

C’mon America, get with the program.