Better than a Root Canal

I must say, I’ve really become a fan of OS X 10.3.

Mail is awesome. The junk mail filter works MUCH, MUCH better than that of Outlook 2003 and I like the way it naturally divides my email by the account it came in on, something I had to set up rules to get Outlook 2003 to do.

Sherlock kicks ass also. I used it this morning to look up the local phone number of a small, independent auto parts house that doesn’t even have a website. If you try finding the same information using Google or Yahoo you won’t even find it listed. Sherlock not only gives you the address and phone number but the distance, driving directions, and a map of the area. Nice!

It’s nice to have something that “just works” for a change. Simple. Painless. Now if we could only figure out how to make visits to the dentist like using a Mac….

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