Letter to Jen @ FortySomething

Dear Jennifer

Having reviewed your wonderful photoblog and all your pictures of wintertime I came to two conclusions.

1) You’re a good photographer.
2) I’m damn glad I live in California. Do you guys have ALL the snow for the entire Western Hemishpere or what? Almost made me want to put long pants on. Now I understand why most Canadian NHL players live in the US. Brrrrrrr! Now I know why we’re not vey eager to invade Canada. You guys should think about invading a tropical island like we did. How about Cuba? We’ll letcha.

Loyd (The Village Idiot) 😉
Todays California Weather: Warm 79 degrees. Lots and lots of sunshine.

I think I should probably rub this into Joe too. What was the weather in the Detroit area today? High of 37???? Jeeeez! Makes me need more ice for my DRINK. It’s getting too warm…better turn on the AC.