MovableType Installation is down. Yes, it’s down. I decided last night to reinstall MovableType and upgrade to 2.661. I’m not sure if it’s just me but it always seems harder than it should be.

It appears there are things that should be in specific files but never are. I can never find documentation either to which files they should be in. It’s pretty much “Look at the error, move the file.” Maybe it’s the way WinZip uncompresses the file? Maybe I’m just too stupid to be on the internet? I dunno.

It seems the installation instructions haven’t changed but the files they’re referencing have. For example, while installing the SOAP lite module the installation instructions made reference to the files called XML,XMLRPC, and SOAP. Upon reviewing the contents of the zip file I downloaded I was easily able to find the XMLRPC file and the SOAP file but there was no file labeled XML.

So I’ll sit here for a while, installing MT. Working my way through the errors of missing or misplaced files. Moving things around until it works. If someone was to send me a file list of the document tree and what’s in each folder I would be very very grateful.

Updated (5:43am PST)
Ok. I got through most of the file errors now I’m getting this error from Anyone?

Loading initial data into system…

An error occurred while loading data:

Can’t call method “maketext” on an undefined value at line 682.

OK. I think I got it. Personally hating WinZip right now BTW. I’ll fix it tonight when I get home. Thanks to anyone who responded to my plea for help.

Update (6:26pm PST): Yup. It’s official. I’m a freakin’ idiot. Since I’m using an older version of WinZip (somewhere around 7 I believe) it doesn’t automatically export zipped archives to files. You first must check the box telling it that’s how you want your archives. DOH! On the other hand, running the demo of WinZip 9 on the laptop. Quite nice. Thinking about upgrading. Encryption looks cool. File management rocks. I like. I like it alot.

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  1. Better late than never as they say. Just fyi in case you haven’t got the link, while i personally don’t use MT (in the process of moving to pMachine), Kristine’s MT Plugin Directory has links to some great-looking resources. Have a great day!

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