It generally takes me about 10 minutes or so to write a post. On most days I post one or two things, no biggie. Those are the days when I’m awake and I’ve got something to say. Often, since I post before running into work, I only have a half hour to say whatever I’m going to say. So there’s nothing like getting this error every damn day…

“Ping ‘http://rpc.weblogs.com/RPC2’ failed: Ping error: Thanks for the ping, however we can only accept one ping every half-hour. It’s cool that you’re updating so often, however, if I may be so bold as to offer some advice — take a break, you’ll enjoy li…”

Well isn’t that “speshial”…maybe we should all just stop pinging weblogs.com all together?

Let’s be rational…breathe deeply…relax…I’m sure Dave’s got a great reason for it like making sure no one is flooding the server with pings to push their weblog rating up but…wouldn’t 5 or 10 minutes be more realistic?