You Can’t Parse This and Other Computer Maladies

Sometimes posting through Zempt throws an interesting error. The Perl parser comes back with an error saying the “link is malformed and cannot be parsed”. Interesting. It is possible to create the same post directly from MovableTypes web interface leading me to believe this is most likely a problem within Zempt itself.

On a similar note, Zempt won’t even work from my laptop. No matter how you try or what you try to post it throws an error. Netstumbler is also acting strange on the laptop. It will start for about 3 seconds then close. If you remove the card and start the application it works fine. Whole lotta good that’ll do me. How am I supposed to know if a restaurant I want to eat at has wifi? Walk around with the MS Connections panel open? More tests are necessary.

2 Replies to “You Can’t Parse This and Other Computer Maladies”

  1. Never heard of that error message coming from Zempt. But your description of the symptoms (can’t post from Zempt due to an error, but can post the same text in the Web interface) sounds like a common error we see with Zempt. The MT engine can’t accept non-standard characters from a remote program. These characters inclule things like curly quotes, so if you’re copying and pasting from a Web page, you might have some of them without even realizing it. The error that you should see will include the text “Error during request deserialization.”

    Either remove those characters from your entry or replace them with their HTML entity equivilents and you should be able to post.

    As for the laptop problems, try posting about them on the Zempt support forum.

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