What We’re Up Against

Last night on PBS there was a very interesting show on Special Forces and how their form of unconventional warfare has evolved to what it is today. A large portion of the segment detailed Special Forces role in Iraq. During the segment the Special Forces team is led down the middle of the street by a cleric to a house where Fedayeen (Saddam’s Personal Militia) was suspected to have held up.

An Iraqi citizen jumped the wall and opened the gate so Special Forces could enter and reconnoiter the building. Inside the building they found bomb making material, aluminum pipes used for making pipebombs set to trigger using magnetic mechanisms, silencers, chemicals, everyday items that had been modified to carry explosives or worse, blue prints to a modern metal detector (like the ones found in many US airports, and a device used by security firms to detect explosives. What they found wasn’t a Fedayeen stronghold but a training ground where terrorists are taught how to defeat Western airport security devices so they can smuggle bombs and chemicals onto airplanes.

Scary, ain’t it.