Scripting RTCW

I admit, I’m a gamer. I think I’ve said that before.

If you like to game online, like I do, then maybe you should know some things. Mainly, you’re only as good as your bind. By bind I mean actions you tie together and instantiate with a single keystroke.

Instantiate? Wait, am I saying this is programming? Yes. It is. You thought playing video games involved no thought? This ain’t television ya’ know.

Back on the subject, by writing some simple scripts you could setup your character so that when you hit the x key you could make your persona “run, draw gun, shoot”. Not too hard, eh? But what if you could change all the keys. In fact, what if you could change the way your character acts completely and store it in a file to use later or share with your friends? Since many of todays games use the engine originally developed for the hit game Quake, you can do just that.

Planet RTCW has some great articles on scripting and how to create custom scripts.