New Nukes

Something I heard on CNN while at lunch yesterday… …the White House has OK’d the first nuclear plant in 30 years to begin the production of heavy elements used in the production of Neutron Bombs, the stalwart of the American nuclear arsenal. Unfotunately, I haven’t been able to substantiate this story on either Google or…


Hmmm…from over at CNN…a hacker broke into Vivendi’s email system and made off with 1/3 of the Half Life II sourcecode.

Need to lose a few pounds?

Hey! It’s October which means it’s the start of good food and sugary treats for months! If you’d like to lose a few pounds (like me) before you start chowing down on all the goodies then check out the Diet Blog. Very informative.

Election Day

Today is election day here in bright and sunny California and I’m voting for……for……OMFG! WHO PUT THESE PEOPLE ON THE BALLOT???? WHAT WERE YOU THINKING???? This message paid for by People Again Stupid Stuff (PASS). This is not a paid endorsement but if you want to pay me not to endorse your political party that’s…