Ergonomics be damned.

Oddly enough, this is my normal work space at home. I took this photo using the memory stick in our camcorder.

Things to take note of: laptop (sans Ansel Adams screen saver), monitor running music videos, Sony Clie, notebook, boxes and boxes of slides, John Gierach book, San Jose Sharks faceplate on Nokia telephone, 5000k bulb in desk lamp (for color and because I can buy them at work). Things off camera: tower, slide scanner, flatbed scanner, photoprinter, cameras, digital camera, camcorder.

The desk top actually sits 36″ high with the keyboard underneath. Since I couldn’t find a desk big enough I put together a couple of two drawer file cabinets and an old solid core interior door from a friend to make the desktop. Door handle hole works nicely for cords.