Now available…Permalinks!

Joe asked me last night…

Is it intentional that you don’t have permalinks with your posts on your main page? It’s a lot of work finding it for those who still read web page, like me…

Well, no it wasn’t intentional at all. It was just plum laziness. It all goes back to Originally the permalinks were incorporated in the date/time signature at the bottom of the posts. I’d deleted that feature long ago so “people” couldn’t tell when I was posting. Since CampinGuy was my first MT weblog and I liked the template I just copied my template and did some minor adaptations for The Daily Thing. I realized a few weeks ago when I was looking at my feed in a news aggregator that I wasn’t seeing permalinks to the articles anymore. I been meanin’ to get ’round to it! Honest!

Well, anyway, if you check out the titles of the posts you’ll notice now they’re permalinks to the post. I made this change on The Daily Thing and over at I also created an RSS 2.0 feed over at so if you have your druthers you can change to that.

Thanks for the nudge Joe.

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