When Old People Attack!

Another ‘old man driving’ story

I think I’ve told this one before. Stop me if you’ve heard it. My wife and I were driving home with the girls a couple of years ago when we saw a rather largish sedan trying to merge on to the freeway. Unfortunately, there was a truck full of steel bars in the way. The old man pulled in front of the truck and then hammered the brakes; the truck plowed into him and tossed his oldManMobile up and off the road. The trucker and I pulled over; my wife stayed with the kids while we ran back… [Code the Web Socket]

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  1. Hi!

    I was just asking people if they knew why there aren’t any films about old people attacking things? Also, me and my friends are planning on making our own film and website called “When Old People Attack”, why hasn’t anybody made this film before? Is no one brave enough to put their life on the line? I looked it up under Google search, and the closest thing I found was a story on this website, “Another Old Man Driving Story”, so I figured I’d ask you guys this question. Is it too risky to make our film? Please write me, I need advice. Do you think our film is too risky for our young lives, or do you think it will be a Blockbuster hit? Of course I have no intention of doing anything but filming, but my idiotic friends are actually planning on skateboarding through an old people home and other stuff. Do you think they will survive this? I remember doing a ding dong ditch on some old lady’s house and getting chased and almost beaten with a cane, so is this really that risky? Your advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks! : )


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