Are you putting your friends and family at risk?

Did I catch your attention? Good. Read this. I bet you don’t realize how easy it is to open their computer up to outsiders allowing access to personal information like your credit card numbers and your address book. If I said virus and trojan horse you’d probably scoff and say, “I have a virus scanner. I’m safe.” Truth be told, you aren’t.

Almost all websites now have End User License Agreements (EULA) which state the rules for using services being provided by the company. Once again some of these companies are using the EULA to surreptitiously install software on your computer opening up your system to whatever applications the developer may want to run on your system. Unfortunately companies like Norton and McAfee are hesitant to develop scanners for these trojans as you “agee” to install the software.

Protect yourself. Never install applications offered through pop-up windows and ALWAYS read the End User License Agreement, after all, if someone in the physical world offered you a contract you’d want to read it very carefully wouldn’t you?

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