Where’d all the pr0n go?

Porn Purveyors Getting Squeezed

Operators of adult entertainment sites are fuming over threats from a hacker who says he’ll bombard them with denial-of-service attacks if they don’t pay a ransom. Several have been hit by DoS shutdowns in the last 10 days. By Noah Shachtman. [Wired News]

My favorite line out of the whole article:

And a third group is plotting ways to take revenge against the assailant — methods that don’t involve a keyboard or a mouse.

I can see it now… (deep gravely voice from a man in a suit with a lot of rings and some big thugs named Guido and Nunzio) “ifs yous keeps attacking our website, and stopping our business…lets jus say things will get kinda messy for yous….yous understand?”