A true story…

Once upon a time, when I was new to the weblogging scene, I read a question someone had posed on their blog and responded to it. The answer I received from this person was rude, arrogant, and just down right mean. I felt bad for a while then I realized, this person had no idea who I was, what my background was, or what experience I’d had. It was at that point I got pissed. How dare this person treat me like that.

This morning I read another question someone had posted in their weblog genuinely asking for help. I took a few minutes before dashing off to work to help them out then headed in. When I got home tonight I checked my email, scanned for any changes in the RSS feeds and ate dinner. I spent some time doing other things and then finally came in to see what’s going on in the weblog world. I went back to the site I had commented on and saw the comment the owner of the blog had posted. Again he was rude, arrogant, and a dick.

Here’s a thought people. People don’t HAVE to read your weblog. Feel honored they choose to. If someone posts a comment, be nice. Send them an email. Post back nicely. But above all, be nice. If you can’t be nice, find a different hobby other than weblogging. I suggest Russian roulette with a fully loaded gun.

Ask me not who this person is for I will not tell. But know this, I will not be aggregating his site anymore. Why should I waste my time and effort?

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