And I’d like a side of WiFi please…

Anybody got a Mylanta?
McDonald’s serves up wireless Web access. The fast-food empire sees Wi-Fi access at its restaurants as a way to sell more meals. It will hook up dozens of San Francisco outlets in the next few days. [CNET]

I couldn’t think of a more uncomfortable setting for websurfing, thank you, though I commend them for exploring the possibilities… [Eat at Joe’s]

I just hope their WiFi service is faster than their food or else you’ll be wishing you still had 14.4. Of course, sometimes their food is actually fast but it’s missing something, edibility. I do have to admit, the McDonalds at the end of Haight by Golden Gate Park has to be, possibly, the fastest Mickey D’s I’ve ever been too. They were slapping food on my tray before I’d even ordered that.

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