There oughta be a site…

If any of you philter denizens become so inclined I’ve got a great idea for a site. I haven’t seen one of these yet so hopefully it’s an original idea: a philter about help.

For example:

Poster Child: “Help my car sputters and water appears to be pouring out of the tail pipe when I drive.”
SuperPosterDude: “Change where you get your gas and see if that helps.”

PosterGuru: “I just bought the new Nvidia board and man is it trick.”
PoserPoster: “I can’t get mine to work.”
PosterGuru: “Did you get the new drivers from the site?”

JoePoster: “Anyone know where I can get a my Nikon D100 repaired in Nairobi?”
NairobiPoster: “Try Ahmeed’s camera shop.”

Anyway, you get the idea. Instead of a whole bunch of sites, one site lending community knowledge.

Maybe I’m just crazy but it seemed like a good idea to me.