In brief…

It seems I’ve been absent over the past few days. If you’ve been wondering where I was I’ve been feeling a little under the weather. For some reason, possibly the heat, I haven’t really been able to sleep at night. Couple that with a fast moving stomache bug and allergies and I’m down for the count. Let’s just say I haven’t been this drug-out in a while.

I did some writing over at  this weekend, if you read this one and not that one.

Something special, today we took our first delivery of bottled water. The water in our area is so full of chlorine, minerals, and salts that it tastes perpetually like crap even after being ran through an activate charcoal (Brita) filter. I was about ready to dig out my PUR backpacking water pump and go to town. Just awful water. Now we have cold water on demand without taking up any of the precious space needed to grow things in our refrigerator.

It’s damn hot outside. My outdoor/indoor thermometer on my desk shows it as still being around 86 degrees farenheit outside. Ick! Glad we put an air conditioner in last summer before the baby got here.

Speaking of the rugrat. Saturday will be his first birthday, man how time flies. It doesn’t seem nearly like a year. Planning cake and party stuff Sunday. Stay tuned for pics of little smiley faces smeared with cake.