The honest truth…

C’mon “l:joe”. Give it to us straight. We can take it.

Joe: Great idea, crappy software, and lack of upgrades, all rolled into one.

Bing! Bing! Bing! Give that man a cigar.That would be the reason that I didn’t move and make it a Radio site. It’s still a MovableType site and I plan to keep it that way. Other people I know have left Userland and even slowed their bloggins as a result of their unhappiness with Radio. This is especially bad when these people were once proponents of Userland software. It’s been a long time since Radio 8 came out. Maybe they should work on an upgrade. If not, I forsee a shrinkage of their market share.

Oh yeah. What’s up with Userland and Blogshares?

In Addendum: Newzcrawler lets me post to MT via the aggregator.