Step behind the curtain and undress please…

Flatulence Helps Fight Disease. British scientists say a high-tech flatus test may be the solution for those tough-to-diagnose stomach bugs. While flatulence may be the stuff of jokes, the gas could provide the ‘chemical fingerprints’ to diagnose digestive infections. [Wired News]

Man! There are just too many places to go with this one, all of them wrong. If a doctor puts his nose to my ass and tells me to fart, I ain’t gonna quit laughing for days.

More fart humor:

You ever notice there’s really 3 kinds of farters in the world? The rippers, the floaters, and the stealth bombers.

The rippers are the people who stand up and do the “motorcycle” while flatulating. The floaters will pass the all intrusive SBD and then sit there and giggle about it. The stealth bombers are by far the most deadly. They flatulate and leave the room without even warning you to open a window.

Yet MORE fart humor:

We had a family friend who used to light a match after farting. Nights after eating chili made our house look like a rock concert.