Lessons of our fathers….

My son is a very neat and tidy boy, he’s taken to throwing everything out of his play pen. I guess I see a little more of me in my son and a little more of my father in me.

As a baby I did something very similar, I would throw my bottles out of the Jeep as my dad was driving along. He would always stop and pick them up for me which would satiate me for a little while and I’d do it again.

This little game went on for quite some time until one day my father was driving down the canal that ran behind our fields when I thought it would be fun to throw my bottle into the canal. Needless to say that was where the game ended. The bottle stayed in the canal and we kept going.

Now that I’m older (I’m not grown up yet) and have a kid of my own I’m sure my dad is laughing at me.

You see, I still live in the same town and we still have canals, except this time, I’m the one with the Jeep.