Capitalizing on a capitalist idea…

So a few months ago “l:dane” and I were having a conversation that went something like this:

Loyd: You know, I just figured out a way to make money with this wi-fi thing.
Dane: How?
Loyd: We set up phone booths all around that have WAP’s (Wireless Access Points) on top and sell service. There’s so many phone booths around pretty soon we’d have the whole city wireless.

Although SOME people weren’t taking me seriously others had the same idea and capitalized on it. Here’s your proof.

Verizon Sets Up Phone Booths to Give Access to the Internet
Verizon Communications yesterday introduced one of the oldest items in its inventory ? the humble phone booth ? as its newest weapon in the bitter competition to dominate the broadband communications market of the future.

Verizon said that subscribers to its high-speed Internet access service would be able to go online wirelessly at no charge when they are near a Verizon phone booth in Manhattan. [NY Times]