Free at last, free at last…

The transition last night was successfull. Indeed, it took a bit to get it to begin upstreaming but as soon as it did, it was all downhill from there.

In case y’all missed the post over at the CampinGuy’s Radio Weblog, here it is again. It goes into detail why I changed and moved from the “radio” servers.

 Time for a new change….

I just wanted to take the time to write to everyone and let them know what is going on. In a few minutes I will no longer be posting here. Let me explain.

Since I started weblogging it has always been my intention to post under my own domain name. Dane was nice enough to hook me up with Radio and start me down the path. I put aside my old ‘zines’ I ran from a plethora of free hosts across the web and purchased my first domain name,

I really like Radio and it’s integration with a News Aggregator. It was my intention that “camp” would be created via Radio. Unfortunately, this was not to be. The host I had chosen appeared to be a good deal at first, but later dealings with them have subsiquently cause a change of opinion. In my struggle to get Radio to work with my host I met some truly great people and made some good friends( Joe,Alwin,Wil) and met many great people who weren’t afraid to help out a newbie.

Soon it became clear that Radio would never integrate with my host and I was forced to try an alternative. I installed Movable Type. “camp” came alive and I was posting, but I wasn’t happy. MovableType didn’t offer an integrated News aggregator, something I felt set Radio far above the rest. Over time I tried many other news aggregators and they work fine, but still copying and pasting quickly becomes tedious and tiresome.

Finally the last stone was cast. My host has a problem with an open relay which has all sites from their system banned from sending email to anyone who is authenticating through a reporting service. After writing several emails to tech support, talking one-on-one live to a representative, I emailed the CEO. After 4 weeks and still no response, I’ve had enough. Emails from my host no longer get through to AOL, MSN, or even the “”radio”” servers.

Last week I began work on a site with some friends. While working on the site I decided to test the servers to see if a CMS such as Radio might be an option for keeping the site up to date. To my utter joy Radio began to upstream.

Here was a host that cost less than my current one, gave me more, and allowed me to use Radio.

In a few minutes I will change the settings and begin upstreaming. The CampinGuy’s Radio Weblog will cease to exist. I will no longer post here. Instead, like the phoenix rises from the ashes, a new site will be born. It will be ugly at first as I get things squared away, but soon it will be whole again. I hope that you will follow me over to…

[The Campin’ Guy’s Radio Weblog]