Tales of Life with an Accordian…

This from The Phil. A tail of intrigue, despair, deceit, and romance. A truly good read for your head.

What happened to me and the new girl (or, “The girl who cried Webmaster”)
At least a couple of readers of this blog guessed that something was wrong when the “Ten Cool Things About the New Girl” blog entry from last week got yanked. They were right, but they probably had no idea how wrong things went. I’m going to tell the story — with names changed and a few non-essential details omitted. I’m trying to balance telling my story with protecting people’s privacy. Hopefully, I’ve succeeded.

Then I’m going to take a week-long holiday from this blog. I’m annoyed and exhausted, I have a considerable load of work to take care of, and after you’ve read what appears below, you’ll probably agree that I’ve earned it.
[The Adventures of the Accordian Guy in the 21st Century]