more on devaluation of blogshares…. Phil read my post about Sugar‘s price per share plummeting and sent me an email, mentioning the following section from the BlogShares Manual

4.4 Prices
A blog’s share price fluctuates over time due to the following reasons:

  1. Shares are bought (pushes the price up)
  2. Shares are sold (pushes the price down)
  3. The blog is seriously overvalued (> 7.5 P/E) (pushes the price down to where it’s P/E is 1.0)
  4. The blog is seriously undervalued (< 0.5 P/E) (pushes the price up to where it’s P/E is 1.0)

Sugar mentioned something this morning that Phil had noticed, too.  The bot picked up 8 incoming links when it had previously picked up 18.  That raised her P/E to over 7.5 which caused the drastic drop in value.  Oh, well.  I believe in ya, Sugar, and even bought more shares (at a very good price, thank you).  It’s lookin’ up from here… []