A new hat arrives Monday….

Red Hat upgrades Linux desktop OS.
Red Hat Linux 9, which will be available for download as of Monday by members of the Red Hat Network (http://rhn.redhat.com) and in retail stores a week later, features new threading technology called NPTL (Native Posix Thread Library) that its predecessor Red Hat Linux 8 lacks, said Matt Wilson, manager of base operating systems at Red Hat.

NPTL will allow the operating system to better execute applications that perform multiple tasks simultaneously, something commonly called multithreading. The improvement should come in the form of better performance, scalability and stability, Wilson said. [InfoWorld: Top News]

Red Hat 9 also features new versions of Open Office and utilizes the CUPS (Common Unix Printing System) which allows drag and drop printing. There’s a ton more stuff so I suggest reading the article if you’re intersted in Linux. Having a Linux machine myself I have to admit it’s a pretty nice OS. Especially since it’s basically free.