What’s new….

I dropped some links in the side bar and added others. Some were out of date and some I just don’t read or care to read anymore.

I’ve also added a Creative Commons license to the site, Attribution-NoDerivs-NonCommercial 1.0. It just made sense. Protecting my photos with a copyright is a no brainer, so why don’t I feel the same way about my musings?

I’m working on a way to better organize the links at the side. I do like to publicize the sites I visit frequently as well as the blogs so I’d like to keep them on the same page. Working on it.

The Jenett.Radio Randomizer that was missing for a while is back. In the whole rush to get the site up and running when I changed themes I kinda forgot to put in the code. Ooops. Sorry Joe.

Ken Layne gave The Phil (from work) honorable mention for sending him some goodies so I weblogged it the other day. Phil’s a nice guy. He’s always sending me links to cool things. I wish he’d set up a blog so I can link back and share them. He’s got some pretty cool stuff.

CampinGuy.com is down. You won’t notice but until it’s upgraded to MT 2.63, I can’t update. I sent Ben and Mena an email. I tried to get it to upgrade but was unsuccessful so I’m deferring it to them.

And last but not least, I’m working on scraping my own feeds from certain sites. As of yet it’s not working quite like I’d envisioned. Anyone with any Stapler expertise want to email me and maybe you can help me?