SF has bad effect on us geeks….

When Chris won a Bloggie he had vowed to die his hair. Well boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, the time has come and Chris has done the deed. Video included.

Mr. American Pie. The deed has been done, and I’ve got the pictures (and video) to prove it. Yep. The salon was all out of hot pink, so I decided to go with a more patriotic theme. My skin is white, so I went with blue sides (and bottom) and red tips. You can’t tell it’s blue in the Webcam right now, but… trust me. I was completely blonde a few hours ago. Briefly. We’ll see how long the producers allow me to have this ‘do. If you like what you see, leave a “thumbs up” after the beep. You might also blast a message to callforhelp (at) techtv.com. They’re more inclined to listen to viewers than they are me. Hooray for the red, albino white, and blue. UPDATE: Check out the video (actively seeking mirrors)…. [C:\PIRILLO.EXE]